Vivier GrenzCine Serum

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GrenzCine® Sērum is formulated to help increase the firmness of (thicken) our skin. This formulation, combining our renowned, patented Vitamin C sērum plus Polyamine-DAB®, is a new patent pending discovery resulting from 30 years of clinical research by a renowned Plastic Surgeon.

GrenzCine® Sērum will increase firmness and hydration of the skin while providing the benefits of diminished fine lines and wrinkles, increased luminosity and improved skin tone, texture and elasticity.

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1 review for Vivier GrenzCine Serum

  1. jenelle

    I work as an administrator for Remington Laser Dermatology and this product has easily become one of my favourite. After using the GrenzCine Serum for 3 months my skin became smoother, more radiant and healthy looking. With 10% Vitamin C and Vivier’s anti-aging GrenzCine ingredient I can protect my skin from sun exposure and slow down the process of aging!

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