Superficial Laser Micropeel

What is a Superficial Laser Micropeel?

As we age, the accumulation of sun and exposure to environmental toxins can result in a build-up of superficial dead skin cells that create a dull appearance to our skin. This can also contribute to the development of superficial lines and wrinkles which causes us to age prematurely. By using a controlled laser device, we can systematically remove these damaged layers of skin, revealing the healthier and glowing skin below resulting in improved texture and tone.

Benefits Of Laser Micropeel Treatments

This is an excellent preventative option for those wanting to avoid the development of deeper lines and wrinkles that would require more aggressive treatments in the future.

Superficial Laser Micropeel Procedure

The SP Dynamis Fotona Erbium Laser can effectively remove a thin layer of skin during one procedure. After applying a topical numbing cream, the energy is applied with a painting technique to effectively treat the entire targeted region. The laser has a pixelated hand piece that splits the laser beam into smaller pieces, making it less painful and much easier to tolerate. Similar to a potato peeler or cheese grater, it removes small pieces of skin with each pass. The laser energies can be adapted to be gentle in less damaged areas and more aggressive in more damaged areas.

Laser Micropeel Recovery

Moderate redness and swelling can be expected for the first 24-48 hours, followed by mild to moderate peeling on days 3-5. The skin may remain somewhat red and dry for the first week, but most patients can resume their regular activities or return to work with some light cover powder make-up on day 3 or 4.

How Many Laser Micropeel Treatments Will I Need?

This is a maintenance treatment that should be repeated regularly for best results. We will frequently recommend a series of 3 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart when initiating treatment, followed by annual maintenance treatments.

Can A Laser Micropeel Be Combined With Other Procedures?

The best results are obtained by combining periodic in office laser procedures, with a high quality medical grade topical regime that includes topical retinol, to continue to remove the superficial layers of damaged skin.

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