Vascular Birthmarks

Salmon Patches

These marks are flat and light pink or red, similar to the color of salmon, which is where they get their name. They are sometimes located on the forehead or cheeks and will become darker with crying or any other activity that might cause the blood vessels to dilate. If they are found on the nape of the neck, they are also referred to as “stork bites”, referring to the area that they would have been carried when delivered by the stork. Darker colored patches can occasionally be treated with vascular lasers, but often no treatment is required.

Infantile Hemangioma

A strawberry hemangioma is bright red and protrudes from the surface of the skin. These are often present right at birth. Deep hemangiomas have a dark blue-purple appearance and develop shortly after a baby is born. The deep hemangioma makes the skin swell and bulge and can continue to grow over the first year. Although these can be very concerning to parents, the good news is the majority start to regress spontaneously after the first year. Most hemangiomas become completely flat between the ages of 7 and 10. Treatment is only required if the birthmark becomes irritated or bleeds. Once they have completely regressed, they can …………… ???

Port Wine Stain

A port wine stain is usually a large flat patch of purple or dark red skin with well-defined borders that is present right at birth. Overtime, the skin can become darker and develop a bumpy surface. Generally, they appear on one side of the body, with the majority of them occurring on the face. Unlike infantile hemangiomas, port wine stains will NOT regress and fade spontaneously. Conversely, they can become darker or develop vascular blebs (bumps) over time. Therefore, early treatment is recommended. A non-ablative vascular laser can constrict the blood vessels fading them dramatically and preventing the thickening that can occur with age. (link to PWS information ???)

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