Rhinophyma Nose Treatment

What is Rhinophyma?

Rhinophyma is a skin condition affecting the nose in which sebaceous (oil) glands become overactive and the skin becomes thickened, bumpy and enlarged. The nose usually appears red and may have prominent blue or red blood vessels visible along the surface of the skin. At times, there may also be visible pits or scars and white sebum may be easily expressed through the enlarged pores. Rhinophyma predominately affects male patients, but women can also be affected.

The exact cause of rhinophyma is unknown, but it typically occurs in severe cases of rosacea. It is believed that there may a genetic predisposition but it usually does not occur until later into adulthood. In the past it was believed to be due to excessive alcohol consumption. However, this has been proven to be False! The most severe cases may result in irregular growth and significant deformity of the nose. Although this is not a life-threatening or serious condition, it can cause difficulty breathing and may be cosmetically disfiguring and emotionally disturbing to patients.

Rhinophyma Nose Treatment

In the past, plastic surgery or electrocautery has been used to attempt to treat rhinophyma.  Unfortunately, these methods frequently resulted in scarring and/or inadequate improvement. As the primary underlying condition is excessive and enlarged oil glands, the Co2 Laser has revolutionized the treatment of this condition. The laser vaporizes the skin in a bloodless fashion thereby shrinking excess oil glands while allowing the physician to systematically reshape the nose. Vascular laser treatments may also be recommended prior to or in conjunction with the Co2 laser to collapse the prominent blood vessels.

This procedure can be performed in a single session under local anesthetic at our non-hospital surgical site. Healing time is approximately two weeks.

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